What should I bring on my sailing holiday?

The most important items to pack for your sailing holiday in Greece

This list is from a Charter Co operating in the Ionian, it is not definitive but it is a good starting point.

Sun hat, swimming costumes, shorts, t-shirts and a camera! Make sure you bring some sun protection as it's easy to forget how strong the sun is in the Mediterranean when you are on the water being cooled by the Greek Ionian breeze.

During the summer months the weather across the Greek Ionian is warm both day and night but you may wish to bring a light jumper or jacket just in case. During spring and autumn it is still warm during the day, but can be cooler at night and long trousers and a lightweight fleece or jacket for the evenings may come in handy. You may wish to bring a lightweight waterproof jacket in case of the very occasional shower.

You will need soft-soled shoes for on board your yacht, ideally a pair of deck shoes with light coloured non marking soles which will give you good grip and won’t leave marks on deck.

Don't forget a mobile telephone and charger so that you can keep in contact and receive weather forecasts via text message.

Finally, don't forget to bring your original sailing qualifications with you.

What to bring on your yacht charter sailing holiday - check list

The best advice is to travel light when coming on a sailing holiday. Dress is casual on in the Ionian so you won’t need different clothes for every evening.

▢ Passport(s)

▢ Flight Tickets (Check names shown on the flight ticket match those shown on the individual passports)

▢ Travel insurance documents

▢ Sailing certificates (originals)

▢ Credit Cards/Debit Cards and local currency

▢ Mobile telephone, charger and european adapter to keep in contact with base & to receive weather forecasts via SMS

▢ Two-pin adapter for charging phones etc.

▢ 12 volt adapter for charging phones, etc. on-board (using cigarette lighter socket)

▢ Swimwear

▢ Beach towel

▢ Yacht towel

▢ Deck shoes

▢ Jumper or light fleece

▢ Waterproof jacket

▢ Hat & sunglasses (with cord)

▢ T-shirt/tops and long sleeve casual shirts/tops

▢ Shorts and casual long trousers

▢ Toilet bag with toiletries

▢ Suntan cream (protection)

▢ Sea sickness pills such as 'Stugeron'

▢ Insect Repellent - gel, spray or cream

▢ Anti-histamine ointment and tablets (for insect bites/stings) & any essential medication

▢ Snorkeling mask and fins if you have them (there are two sets with the boat)